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5-Frame Partially Assembled/Unpainted Nucleus Box - PREORDER – Save 15% on Woodenware

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Langstroth Nucleus Hive Box / Resource Colony Box / Queen Mating Box

This is a 5-Frame Hive kit consisting of:

1x Assembled and unpainted Solid Bottom Board
1x Unassembled and unpainted Deep Brood Box
1x Assembled and unpainted Telescoping Cover
Order frames of your choice separately 


Please note that these boxes have dovetailed joints for a stronger box.

This box is basically a 5-Frame Nuc box, but it is built like a regular hive with a separate bottom board, box, and lid.  This allows you to stack an additional 5-Frame brood box on top to create a 5-over-5 hive.

These are great for splitting out a few frames from a production hive that is getting full and might start to swarm.  When done correctly, you are creating a mid-summer Nuc that should grow out to a decent hive, leaving your production hive strong.  The parts of this resource hive can be used to fix a failing production hive.  If it is still viable in September, this can be turned into a hive to attempt to make it through winter.  Just ask... I can walk you through it.

With a slight modification, this box can be used as a dual Queen Mating Box.