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5-Frame Partially Assembled/Unpainted Nucleus Box, Resource Hive Box, or Queen Mating Hive Box

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Langstroth Nucleus Hive Box / Resource Colony Box / Queen Mating Box

This is a 5-Frame Hive kit consisting of:

1x Assembled and unpainted Solid Bottom Board
1x Unassembled and unpainted Deep Brood Box
1x Assembled and unpainted Telescoping Cover 

Please note that these boxes have dovetailed joints for a stronger box.

This box is basically a 5-Frame Nuc box, but it is built like a regular hive with a separate bottom board, box, and lid.  This allows you to stack an additional 5-Frame brood box on top to create a 5-over-5 hive.

These are great to split out a few frames from a production hive that is getting full and might start to swarm.  When done correctly, you are creating a mid-summer Nuc that should grow out to a decent hive, leaving your production hive strong.  The parts of this resource hive can be used to fix a failing production hive.  If it is still viable in September, this can be turned into a hive to attempt to make it through winter.  Just ask... I can walk you through it.

With a slight modification, this box can be used as a dual Queen Mating Box.

Note:  This box is 9 inches wide.  Although this is a standard dimension, this might be a tight fit for some.  The assembled and painted 5-Frame boxes that I sell are 9-1/4 inches wide.