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SHB (Small Hive Beetle) Beetle Baitable Jail - 4-Pack - Reusable - PREORDER – Save 10%

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Clip-on Small Hive Beetle Trap - 4-Pack

You typically use 2 of these per brood box, so 4 in a double brood box

Compare to the big catalog companies that charge 4 at $4.35 = $17.40

Most instructions will tell you to add vegetable oil to kill the beetles that fall into the trap.  The problem is, you will periodically tilt a box which causes the oil to spill out all over the comb, ruining it.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you consider Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.  Fill the trap about 1/4 inch.  When the bugs fall into the trap, this fine powder, which microscopically is very sharp crystals, will get in the joints of the beetles and kill them.